UNIMI, UNIPD, INSTM and SCU in collaboration with different supporters, from institutions to industrial partners.




Aquaculture plays a key role in fighting world hunger, but more progress is still needed to make a real contribution: aquaculture needs to be sustainable and efficient.
With this project, we aim to create an innovation that will lead to green aquaculture for a safe and healthy fish production.


An international research project aims at investigating the efficiency of a smart purification system to improve water quality, fish production and environmental sustainability in aquaculture systems.
The long-term goal is developing a “green” aquaculture for a safe and healthy fish production and it will be applied to two important aquaculture species: Rainbow trout and Gilthead seabream.


We will develop an innovative photocatalytic reactor, by modifying the traditional filters used in aquaculture, to obtain a new low-cost generation filter for fresh and sea water purification.

  • Remediation of nitrogen-containing compounds
  • Biocidal action of a TiO2-based photocatalytic treatment